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Last Updated on Jun 29, 2018
Agakiriro is a Kinyarwanda word used to describe a common market where everyone can go and get a small space to sell goods and services for money. The place called agakiriro is not a formal well-organized market setting therefor the perception associated with agakiriro is that its for the poor and lower class of the society to go and sell everything and anything to make money.
Agakiriro.com is an online market place where a storeowner can create an online store with basic skills on Internet use and no website design knowledge. The store is managed and controlled by the owner via a personal dashboard, which can only be accessed by the owner’s id and password. Every account created on agakiriro.com automatically owns a stores on agakiriro.com which they add or remove products, edit product prices, do product promotions etc.
First create and account by clicking the GET YOUR SPACE button fill in the relevant details of your store, proceed by following all other instructions
Visit the homepage and click on the Login button at the top right corner